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Strength for Today

Strength for Today is a daily devotional thought penned by Victor Knowles of Peace on Earth Ministries.


Victor Knowles - Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Just about everything and anything is deemed "amazing" today. An Olympic victory, a performance on American Idol, a restaurant or even a sandwich or poached egg. "Amazing" only appears three times in the NIV (all in the O.T.) and only once in the NASB (John 9:30). I do love the song "Amazing Grace" and I do believe that God's grace is truly worthy of being called "amazing." If everything and anything is "amazing" what does that do to God's amazing grace? I wonder if perhaps we should be as sparing of the word as God is in His Word? Or at least be a little more discriminating? Spoken here as one who loves words and their proper use.

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